Our firm is specially in the following ones.

Family law

1-Legal separation, divorce, nullities and homosexual marriage.
2-Unions unlaw

Civil law

1-Obligations and contracts.
2-Civil responsability in general and circulacion accident.
3-Inheritances and testaments.

Real State Law

From our office in las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Canary islands) we are able to assist the clients anywhere in Spain.
If you are interested in purchase a property in Spain the firm Cubas&Hernández will help to get it.
Cubas &Hernández reaches your property in Spain and If you reached a property we advise us.
You can get a mortgage, because the firm contacts with Spanish Banks.
Too can insurance your property, because the firm contacts with insurance companies.
Before you sign anything ( a reservation deposit ) you should check the following documents:

Nota simple It is a very important report from the Property Registry.

-The sellers own tittle
-Proof of Spanish property takes payments
-Community of Property owners Fees and payments.
-The Catastral Certificate.

The firm meets with you the day who sign the tittle in the
Notary and enrolles the tittle in the Property Register.

The firm offers you : Legal Insurance Service
For no residents you get services the power of attorney actions, we will act behind yourselves in Spain, checking your Spanish account payments annual property owners Community meeting, contract of rentings of your property, for a economic price per year, and fiscal representation that includes

1-Property owners input income tax
2-Wealth tax
3-Annual Real State tax.

We also provide all new clients with first year free legal insurance.

Commercial law

1-Consultant,s office companies and constitution of societies.
2-Commercial Contracts.

Criminal law

1-Proceeding Court and penitentiaries (attendance to arrested)
2-Brief proceedings and Summaries.

Administrative Law

1-Appeals before the Public Administrations.
2-Administrative Penalization Procedure.
3-Law on aliens (permissions of residence, nationalities, files of expulsión).

Internacional law

1-Caution measures in Canay Islands Courts, when hames a trial in foreign as Civil as Comercial.
2-Exequatur and execution of Sentences of E.U. countries.